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How to rig the Pink Worm

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Steelhead absolutly love pink worms! There are a million diffrent ways to rig a worm. Here's mine, enjoy...

You Will Need:

  • Steelhead Worms
  • A Worm Threader
  • A Corkie or ConeHead
  • Line
  • 2/0 Hooks
  • A Tube of Super Glue


  1. The first step is to thread the worm onto the threader. I usually leave an inch to an inch and a half of actual tail for action.
  2. As you slide the worm down your line, leave about an inch of line between the hook and the worm. Then get your tube of super glue and put a small dab of glue onto the line and slide your worm over the glue. This will help for the worm to stay in place and not want to rip on hook sets or snags.
  3. Repeat step two to the front of the worm.
  4. After you have your worm set, rip a piece of the top off and apply your corkie or conehead.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

This rig will help your worms last longer and stay in place better than just threading them onto your line.

Goodluck! Nick Petosa

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